Why don’t I hear anything from a location’s livestream?

There are two possibilities -- either technical or biological. First, please try to reload the Livestreams page and press “play” again on the player. It usually takes five seconds for the livestream to begin and connect with the host server.

Secondly, it is possible that the tree you are listening to is “inactive” at the moment and not generating enough biodata to translate into music. If you are hearing the synthesizer suite, the tree is actively sending electrical signals throughout the canopy. The trees sometimes can go “silent” for days and then begin generating music again due to sudden environmental changes (such as a thunderstorm passing through after several dry days). The contour of the music directly parallels the contour of the tree’s activity.

In addition, please check out the Livestreams Archive page to listen to selections from previous days that have been recorded. Each archived recording will have details on the temperature and weather for that day.

The livestreams sound glitchy. What can I do?

Reload the Livestreams page in your browser. This should cure any glitches or hiccups with the livestreams when you press “play” again. 

The livestreams sound quiet and then louder at other times. What can I do?

A change in the volume of the music is natural and part of the code being used to translate the biodata into music. Along with determining note selection, the biodata code also assigns the velocity of the musical note after measuring capacitance at that moment. This allows for a more nuanced and “detailed” listening experience of the tree’s processes.

The livestreams don’t sound like they’re changing much. What can I do?

The trees will often generate the same musical note if there isn’t a noticeable change in the biodata being measured. It often takes the trees several hours (or even days sometimes) to shift the contour of the music. A “drone” in the music is natural if the tree isn’t very active.